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24 Juin 2022
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A modern & sleek F4 menu with the iconic Xenin design. It has all the basic DarkRP F4 features, with a lot of custom functionality built on top that will greatly enhance players experience


Sleek Xenin design
Imgur IDs for icons, no need to upload to workshop when you add your own icons!
Translation system!
Integration with other Xenin addons that can be added to the F4 menu
Xenin Battle Pass
Xenin Coinflips
Xenin Inventory
Xenin Deathscreen
The 6 default tabs in DarkRP
The option to add anything to the F4 you want.
Includes websites & URLs
Job section with sleek circular Xenin design, showing job limits as arcs instead of boring bars
The ability to favourite a job. Favourite jobs will always be shown at the top of the job section
A recent jobs category
Ability to search for job name/keywords
Sort the jobs by
Sort order
Highest salary
Lowest salary
Most people
Least people
Ability to turn off favourite & recent job categories by the user.
A sleek slideout for jobs.
Can use HTML instead of text if you want to make your description prettier
Will display weapons on a tab with weapon models so the player can easily see what weapon it is.
Will display the level requirement for a job (vrondakis)
A way to have it say "Donation Job" for jobs that are for donators
Will display custom check fail message if the custom check fails
Can have models hold a weapon in the slideout, i.e. a cop holding an MP5
Items section that contains the 7 default tabs
The ability to favourite items in each tab. Same as jobs
Search for entities via their name/keywords
Sort items by:
Sort order
Highest price
Lowest price
Shows your limit in the F4, like how a job shows how many people that are that job.
Dashboard with unique features
Economy graph, shows the the economy for the last 7 days
Show total money. This will count offline + online money.
Can be set to only count for "active" players, which by default are players that have logged onto the server in the last 14 days
Shows the richest player
Job distribution & online players
Favourite jobs will be shown on the dashboard
Online staff section
Commands section
By default there are 17 DarkRP commands, which can be accessed by pressing the cog wheel right of your name
SQLite & MySQL support (uses your DarkRP's connection, no need to setup database)
And much much more.

Xenin F4 adds custom features such as entity limit in menu, HTML descriptions, favourite jobs, commands, neat stats and much more!
You can easily add anything to the F4 menu you like. By default there are ways to add support for Xenin Inventory, Xenin Battle Pass, and Xenin Coinflip straight into the menu by just uncommenting a little code.

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